The Insatiable Behemoth

This wasn’t a parking garage, it was Jonahs whale. A subterranean behemoth, who unsatisfied with the runaway prophet had insatiably gobbled up anything entering it. Now me, she thought swinging down the ramp to find level four plunged in darkness. Her headlights swept through catching bits of shattered glass sending glittery beams up to dance with shadows of rusted vehicles, shopping carts, even a suitcase whose flung out contents she lurched over as she headed to level five. No glass, vehicles, or suitcases awaited her there. The cavernous pitch black belly of the beast offered her only the churning sound of her tires driving through water as a companion. She brought the car to a stop. With its light fading, and dark pouring in, she let herself feel primal fear for a moment, voice wavering, “The dark is full of monsters.” Reaching for the handle, she pushed fear away flinging the door open, boots splashing in the water as she slammed it behind her, “But none so fearsome as I.”

Masterclass assignment: Describe a parking garage.

Thank You very much for having taken the time to read my homework! Just signed up for Masterclass writing instructed by James Patterson and they encouraged people to start sharing! My wish is that I become far more entertaining a writer than I currently am, and I greatly appreciate all of you taking time from your day to check out my work!!!

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