Welcome to the Chauffeur’s Tale! I’m Emily and these are my adventures driving my kids to their adventures. Most of these take place on the island of Kaua’i, but occasionally we go off island.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Em,
    I love your Blog. You have been a great story teller and photographer for many years. I am enjoying seeing your writing again. You have a gift to see not only the trees but the lichens and denizens of the bark where others are distracted by the forest. Your photographer’s eye is incredible. At a parents visit to see school art displays, I remember that during a school field trip to an armory, others took pictures of the building and the tank out front by the flagpole etc. You climbed underneath the machine and took an awesome ground level photo from the rear looking up and out crossways through the tracks at the gun and the flag and the sky. You have always had that gift of seeing wonderment through perspective. Your writing shares that talent. You are not only sharing something wonderful with others but creating a fantastic gift for your children. They are living sites and events now that they will appreciate more later because of your love and talent. Keep up the great work chauffeuring!


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