The Stranding of the Short Finned Pilot Whales

“Excuse me! I need to get through!” The woman said, hopping out of her Jeep and pulling her hair back into a ponytail. “What you need is to turn your car around, this is a police barrier.” Said the man in charge. “I’m a veterinarian I can help!” “I don’t know how you can help … Continue reading The Stranding of the Short Finned Pilot Whales

Of Airplanes, Apes, And Albatross

David Attenborough had to be here. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around. I could hear his voice, that clipped British accent narrating, “Here on the shores of the majestic Pacific, near the nesting and hunting grounds of the albatross, we have an isolated colony of great pink apes.” However he was nowhere … Continue reading Of Airplanes, Apes, And Albatross