Of Airplanes, Apes, And Albatross

David Attenborough had to be here. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around. I could hear his voice, that clipped British accent narrating, “Here on the shores of the majestic Pacific, near the nesting and hunting grounds of the albatross, we have an isolated colony of great pink apes.” However he was nowhere … Continue reading Of Airplanes, Apes, And Albatross

The Labyrinth and the Tsunami Shack

“I heard people got hurt there ." “What do you mean hurt? Like stabbed or shot?” I asked, pressing my mom for more details. She hesitated before looking around and whispering, (even though we were alone in her house) “I heard a lady got raped there. A Hoale lady.” She stressed Haole, looking a me … Continue reading The Labyrinth and the Tsunami Shack

The Old Man and the Silver Creek

I didn’t know he committed suicide. That he was a raging alcoholic and a three time divorcé. That while watching the Allied Invasion of Normandy on D-day through a pair of field glasses he heard guns that, “Sounded as though they were throwing whole railway trains across the sky.” When I discovered this it changed him … Continue reading The Old Man and the Silver Creek

The Road To Saturn’s Rings

Who knew ambling along at thirty miles per hour, hunched over a rental car steering wheel, squinting into the dark beyond the headlights could be so exciting? I jumped back with a startled scream as an elk ambushed me from the surrounding forest, my foot slamming the break pad, cell phone clattering to the floor … Continue reading The Road To Saturn’s Rings

Waimea Canyon

Waimea canyon. Absolutely. A. Must. Each Hawaiian island has that thing that sets it apart from the others. Big Island, the volcano. Maui, Mount Haleakala. Oahu… Waikiki? Pearl Harbor? Diamond Head? Buildings taller than coconut trees? (Reference to Kaua’i zoning laws on the height of buildings.) Kaua’i has Waimea Canyon. If you’re wondering about Moloka’i, … Continue reading Waimea Canyon